Chuck E Cheese November 2012 Printable Coupon Sheet

Here we have another great coupon sheet from Chuck E Cheese that parents can use to take their kids out for a fun day at Chuck E Cheese without breaking the bank.  There are tons of savings on here that you will surely be able to use next time you bring the kids in for some pizza and arcade fun.

All of these deals can be used during November up until the 28th.  Each of the coupon descriptions can be found below.

Printable Chuck E Cheese Coupons 2012

Discount #1 – $25

Buy 100 tokens and get 1 FREE large cheese pizza

Discount #2 – $4.99

All-you-can-eat salad bar (this is $4.99 per person).  I assume you can use this for as many people you bring in your party.

Discount #3 – $19.99

You will get 1 large pizza (with one topping), 2 soft drinks AND 40 tokens

Discount #4 – $29.99

For $10 more, you will get a large (cheese) pizza with 4 soft drinks AND 100 tokens

Discount #5 – The Small Party Coupon – $39.99

This one will fetch you a large (1 topping) pizza, a single order of buffalo wings, 4 soft drinks, and 120 tokens to play games with.

Discount #6 – $15 token coupon

You can get a bunch of free tokens with this deal.  $15 will get you 60 tokens, plus another 20 free tokens totaling 80 gaming tokens.