Cinnabon President on CBS’ Undercover Boss

This should be a really interesting episode.  The president of Cinnabon, Kat Cole, will be working on the front lines of the Cinnabon company.  She’ll take part in making the cinnamon rolls and interacting with customers, learning how her employees have to interact with each other and those shopping there.

I’m not sure how many of the actual store employees would be able to recognize their Chief Executive Officer, but Kat changed up her look for the episode.  You can see Cole donning a super blonde wig to try and throw off her employees that think she is just a regular new hire looking to make some money working at a Cinnabon.

The episode airs on Friday night at 8:00PM on CBS.  Here is a teaser from the episode…

Were you surprised that the CEO of Cinnabon is actually a good looking woman?  Well, she did get her start working as a waitress at Hooters.  Who’da thunk it?