Seamless Discount Code

I’m not sure if I mentioned Seamless yet on this site, but now is a good time since there is a good discount that you can use today.

For those of you who haven’t used Seamless, today is the day to start.  You can either use the Seamless website or their iPhone/Droid app.

Seamless is a lot like Grubhub.  You can go to their website or use the smart phone app to find some local restaurants in your area that offer either delivery or takeout.

You can sort restaurants by different things like customer rating, style of food (i.e. Italian or Thai), rating, minimum order, or estimated delivery time.

Lots of the restaurants will let you order right from the app or website, without having to call and have an awkward conversation with the restaurant employee that doesn’t get your order.  You can even make notes on your order so they don’t mess anything up.

Seamless promo code

Today’s sale, I found by liking Seamless on Facebook.  This deal is good today only.  You can use the promo code 15OFF to save 15% off of your order, TODAY ONLY!