Starbucks Secret Menu – How to Order

Starbucks Secret Menu - How to Order

P.F.Chang’s Lettuce Wrap Recipe

P.F.Chang's Lettuce Wrap Recipe
P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps are one of my favorite restaurant meals that you can order and not feel guilty about afterwards.  These wraps are one of the healthier menu items that most casual dining restaurants like this have to offer. The wraps are super easy to make, are high in protein and are an affordable option to make at ...

Cinnabon President on CBS’ Undercover Boss

This should be a really interesting episode.  The president of Cinnabon, Kat Cole, will be working on the front lines of the Cinnabon company.  She’ll take part in making the cinnamon rolls and interacting with customers, learning how her employees have to interact with each other and those shopping there. I’m not sure how many ...

Seamless Discount Code

Seamless Discount Code
I’m not sure if I mentioned Seamless yet on this site, but now is a good time since there is a good discount that you can use today. For those of you who haven’t used Seamless, today is the day to start.  You can either use the Seamless website or their iPhone/Droid app. Seamless is ...